Information about treatments during pregnancy

During pregnancy all types of massage are possible at any time. Mainly the following areas are treated:

Arms & Hands
Legs & feet
Cervical and thoracic spine

During the first trimester and towards the end of pregnancy, as well as in high-risk pregnancies, the lower back area tends not to be treated and in other cases only carefully and gently.

Depending on the condition of the pregnancy, treatments in the lumbar region can also be treated without hesitation.

We focus our treatment on the requirements, wishes and problems of the future mother.

Depending on the possibility and the size of the abdomen, we treat in a lying ( back, belly and side position) or in a sitting position. The positions are constantly adjusted depending on the state of health and well-being.

Common problems for expecting mothers are brought to the foreground, such as:

Tension in the neck area
Pain in the lumbar region
Water retention

The goal of our treatment is to bring relaxation, harmony, balance and tranquility to the mother and the baby.

The treatments are individually combined with various techniques:

Classical massage to relieve muscular tension and relaxing

Manual lymphatic drainage to reduce water retention and support the lymphatic system.

Foot reflexology to balance the internal organs and to balance the nervous system as well as to support digestion.

All treatments are performed with Neutral Organic Oils without any essential oils added. Essential oils, which are indicated during pregnancy, can be used upon request.

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