Mental Coaching in Visp

Cindy Schalbetter

The way is the goal

Mental coaching allows everyone to strengthen their resources. It should help you to rediscover the lost access to your resources. Change means movement - and is therefore the opposite of stagnation.

"Life is a constant onward movement."

What are you focused on?

Through coaching we can support our personal form of development, not only on the mental level, but also on the physical and spiritual level. Mental strength promotes self-determination, reduces stress and keeps a person healthy.

You learn to apply techniques in various subject areas, learn to give circumstances and experiences a different meaning. This process is individual in its speed and form.

For every person, "Every step is a step forward."

In my daily work I offer individual coaching as well as group courses.

For more information on mental training contact me at:

Massage Yin Yang

Praxis für Naturheilkunde

Schluhmattstrasse 31

3920 Zermatt

Sägematte 1

3930 Visp

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