Health insurance

Settlement via supplementary insurance

If you have a supplementary insurance (alternative medicine / complementary medicine), you can have the treatment costs reimbursed by certain health insurance companies.

Each health insurance company has different conditions in the supplementary insurance.

Before your first treatment, please contact your health insurance company directly to find out whether the costs for the respective method will be reimbursed to you.

Please note that reimbursement vouchers are only generated 1-2 x / month and sent by mail.

Physiotherapy order

Please note that prescriptions for physiotherapy with us can ONLY be settled via the supplementary insurance, instead of the basic insurance as usual.

There are physiotherapists working in our team, but they do not settle their bills via the basic insurance as usual physiotherapy practices do.

Please clarify the cost sharing with your service provider.

Depending on your franchise, it may be more favorable to bill the supplementary insurance than the basic insurance:

If you have a high franchise, treatment via the supplementary insurance may be beneficial. Please note, however, that this depends on how many medical expenses as well as alternative medical treatments you have already had this year.

Get advice from your health insurance company.

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