Jessica Schwab

Propriétaire de Massage Yin Yang & Praxis für Naturheilkunde

Dipl. Naturopath

Dipl. Professional masseuse

Dipl. Hypnotherapist


Jessica Schwab has been a self-employed manual therapist/masseuse since 2009.

In December 2013 she completed her 4-year study in European naturopathy.

Through continuous further training in the field of dark field microscopy, herbal medicine, Gynaecology and orthomolecular medicine, she is continuously expanding her expertise.


EMR, EGK, ASCA and Visana

Member of Naturärzte Verband Schweiz NVS

(Swiss Association of Naturopath)


2004 - 2007 Apprenticeship as a commercial employee at Zermatt Tourism

2008, Education Dipl. Wellness Masseuse, Zurich

2008, Training in Dorn and Breuss therapy, Zurich

2009- 2011, Training health & professional masseuse, EMR training, Thun

2011, Training foot reflexology, Visp

2009 - 2013, Training in Traditional European Naturopathy TEN, Thun

2013 - 2014, Work experience Natural medicine, Schönbühl / Lagnanu

2014, Advanced training in gynaecology, Freiburg, (Germany)

2014 - 2015, Work experience & internship weeks, Heiden (Appenzell)

2015, training dark field microscopy, Murg

2015, Spenglersan training, Oensingen

2016, Heel cycle course, Olten

2016, Injection course and exam, Heiden (Appenzell)

2015 - 2016, TEN Humores Training, Küssaberg (Germany)

2016, Numerology Education (Baar)

2016, Sanum Education, Zurich

2017, Hypnosis training, Lachen

2018, HynoSport, Effretikon

2018, HypnoSlim, Munich (Germany)

2018, Psycho-physiognomics, Solothurn

2019, Numerology Continuing Education (Baar)

2019, Tibetian Spiritual Coaching, Ruswil, with Loten Dahortsang

2019, Mindfulness Meditation Training, Andelfingen with Loten Dahortsang

2019, Manual pain therapy, Bodyfeet Thun

2020, Injections course, Germany

2020, Training in humoral medicine, Olten

2020, Advanced training in iris diagnosis, Germany

2020 Advanced training in numerology

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