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Triggerpoint therapy

Hot Stone

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More information about the treatments

Classic Massage

Classic massage is the most popular and most booked massage and is also known as "Swedish massage".

A massage is a mechanical, manual influence on the skin, deeper tissue and muscles. The classical massage is mainly used for prevention as well as for treatment of musculoskeletal diseases or as a pure wellness treatment.

Classic massage is ideal for loosening tense muscles and therefore promotes relaxation. It is offered as a partial and full body treatment. Various massage techniques are often used in this treatment method to address your individual needs and complaints.


✓ To release muscular complaints.

✓ Invigoration and calming.

✓ Relaxation of muscular tension.

✓ Stress relief & relaxation.

✓ Strengthening of the immune system

✓ Promotion of blood circulation

✓ Metabolism promotion

✓ Improvement of well-being

✓ Psychological effect through touch & affection

Sportmassage / Deep Tissue Massage

The sports massage is a stronger and more profound massage than the classic massage. This treatment method is individually adapted to the type of sport and the needs of the athlete. In addition, stretching techniques are incorporated into the treatment to optimize shortened muscles that tend to cramp.

In rest lies strength =

The best training effect lies in optimal regeneration.

The sports massage can be performed in adapted pressure technique before or during training sessions and competitions, as well as during regeneration.

Effect / Goals:

✓ Faster regeneration

✓ Improved training effect

✓ Restore performance capacity

✓ Increase well-being

✓ Support regeneration and thus also strengthened self-confidence and psychological aspects

✓ Promotes blood circulation = better oxygen supply

✓ Prevent cramps and injuries

✓ Lowering of muscle tone

✓ Relaxation & reduction of muscle tone

✓ Release tension

✓ Promoting circulation and blood flow

✓ Waste products removed more efficiently

✓ Metabolism optimization

✓ Preparation for upcoming strain


Reflexology is an alternative medical treatment method and is over 5000 years old.

The body is reflected in our feet.

Specific zones on the feet are treated, which correspond with our organs.

For each organ there are specific zones on the feet.

Through the foot reflexology massage these organs are stimulated, better supplied with blood and thus their self-healing powers are activated. Things that are out of balance are brought back into equilibrium.

Foot reflexology can be used as a sole form of therapy or as a complement to other manual and naturopathic treatment methods.

✓ Relaxation & Calming

✓ Regeneration & regulation

✓ Releasing blockages

✓ Alleviation of physical and psychological discomforts.

✓ Helpful for functional complaints of the organs

Kombi Reflex Massage

This treatment is a combination of classical Massage and Foot Reflexology.

For a detailed description of each type of massage, see above under Classical Massage and Foot Reflexology.

Triggerpoint Therapy

Trigger points are tiny tensions in the muscles that react to pressure with pain. These versapnnungen can lead to various malfunctions in the body. Furthermore, active trigger points can also send pain to uninvolved parts of the body, which is noticeable as radiation.

Trigger points occur when the muscles are stressed too intensively, too little or too incorrectly, for example due to incorrect posture. As a result of the tension, the muscles are no longer optimally supplied and consequently their function is restricted.

Trigger point therapy specifically treats the tense points and muscle strands. As a result, tension is released and pain-free mobility is restored.

Depending on the severity of the symptoms, this treatment can be painful.

Trigger point treatment is mostly combined with other massages and therapy methods.

Dorn - & Breuss Therapie

Manual Pain Therpapy and

Liebscher & Bracht Pain Therapy

Pain has a meaning and are a sign of the body to point

out that we are about to harm him.

Roland Liebscher-Bracht discovered with his wife Dr. med. Petra Bracht

that pathological muscle programs are responsible for most of today's widespread pain.

Causes of many pains are misprogrammed muscle states due to bad posture,

lack of movement or one-sided movement.The musculature shortens and stores

this information as his new truth. This is finally the result of overloading the joints and spine.

The osteopressure treatment on the bone carried out by Liebscher-Brachts

misprogrammed muscle states deleted within a short period of time.

The therapeutic special stretches, which are practiced in the treatment, store

the new length in the musculature. Pain is therefore superfluous and

the patient gets a whole new attitude towards life.

Hot Stone Massage

Gemstone Oil Massage

Wellness Special Massage

Massage Yin Yang

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