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Owner of Massage Yin Yang

Dipl. Naturopath

Dipl. Masseuse therapist

Dipl. Hypnotherapist

Registered methods:

Naturopathic Practices NHP (Naturopath) No. 131

Phytotherapy, Western No. 145

Dietetics (NHP) No. 218

Rejection Procedure (NHP) No. 219

Hydrotherapy (NHP) No. 220

Massage Practices (NHP) No. 221

Recognistion by:

EMR / Experience Medical Register:

ZSR-NR. R625660

ASCA: R625660

EGK: 31866

Visana: recognized

Member Natural Doctors Association Switzerland

Working in Zermatt & Visp

Federal Dipl. Veterinary Practice Assistant

Dipl. professional masseuse

Dipl. Mental Trainer SPA

Registered methods:

Classical massage n° 102

Manual Lymphatic Drainage n° 111

Reflexology foot massage n° 81

Recognized by:

EMR / Medical Register of Experience:

ZSR-NR. U810262

ASCA: no

Visana: no

EGK: yes

Active in Visp

Professional masseuse


TCM - Therapist

Dipl. Physiotherapist

EMR / Experience Medical Register:

ZSR-NR. B092463

Registered method:

Classical massage: 102

Visana: Foot Massage Recognized

EGK: Recognized

ASCA: no recognition

Massage Yin Yang

Praxis für Naturheilkunde

Schluhmattstrasse 31

3920 Zermatt

Sägematte 1

3930 Visp

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